Insight into Clay & Carrot

The name Clay & Carrot is intended to represent the hidden and sometimes abundant growth that happens beneath the surface of our lives, even in the most challenging of environments. Quiet and patient acts of determination and our innate inclination to continue to persevere regardless of our circumstances. Somehow, we still find the strength, to keep growing anyway.

This project for me, means so much more than finding new homes for vintage & second hand clothing. It represents my unwavering tenacity towards my goals despite setbacks, obstacles, uncertainty & what it means to have the courage to dream. I see Clay and Carrot LLC as an opportunity to collaborate,  share my personal style and creativity through fashion, design, business management, film & photography and even spotlight other talented community members along the way! 

I am grateful to pursue this project and excited to share it with you all. I will be growing my small business utilizing sustainable practices as much as possible as well as implementing fair and accessible pricing. We also apply inclusive standards to our listings like universal standard sizing so customers can get the perfect fit! So get out your tape measures! We also want to provide our customers with full transparency so they feel more confident in their purchase. Follow us on our socials to get sneak peeks behind the scenes and stay informed about sales and when new inventory drops! Thanks for being here and supporting the shop! Keep growing! 

 - Kathleen Abigail 

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